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Discover the Most Spectacular Canyon in Europe

Verdon Gorge can also be described with a single word: "magnifique." Not just French mountaineers drop their jaws in awe at the sight. To the left and right, majestic rock walls project into the depths; right in the middle - very, very far below - the crystal-clear emerald green of the Verdon River shimmers. Magical grottoes inside the limestone massif complete the fascinating image. Experience postcard romance first-hand - and learn from a master of vertical movement.

Bavarian mountaineering legend Stefan Glowacz is the perfect companion to explore the "Grand Canyon of Europe" with – and to help you improve your climbing skills immensely in just a few days.

Stefan is not only considered a pioneer of modern climbing but is also known for crazy adventure trips. He has already sped across the Namibian semi-desert by jeep, breezed over the Patagonian ice fields on skis and paddled through the Venezuelan jungle in a canoe.

Are you ready for top-notch climbing trips? Stefan Glowacz knows this area like the back of his hand. Explore winding grottoes and conquer dizzying rock passages with Stefan and always under the safe supervision of local mountain guides. In the evening you will gather around the campfire and commend yourselves on your heroic mountaineering feats. What more could an adventurer at heart want?


Stefan Glowacz

© Konstantin Reyer
I've been coming back to Verdon Gorge for 20 years. The sight of the steep cliffs always takes my breath away.
Stefan Glowacz



Adventure plus comfort: you will have your own van from the specialist, Multicamper
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On the road with a legend: daily climbing tours with Stefan Glowacz
© Konstantin Reyer
Always in safe hands: accompanied by experienced, local mountain guides
© Konstantin Reyer

Verdon Gorge

The Verdon Gorge, a two hours' drive west of Nice, is up to 700 meters deep. The selection of routes is extremely diverse; mountaineers from all over the world dream of rappelling from the steep rock cliffs found here. Verdon has recently become an absolute hotspot for climbers, base jumpers, kayakers and other adrenaline junkies.

© Konstantin Reyer

MultiCamper Van

The Multicamper vans are tailor-made for modern camping requirements: enough space for comfort yet compact enough to allow for camping in the most beautiful and scenic of places. This truly is independence of the highest order.

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Verdon Gorge

10. Sep 2021 - 19. Sep 2021


Starting from 2.700€

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- You are able to climb a climbing grade 6
- You have a drivers license
- Your own climbing helmet

- Multilingual support & contact people
- Full accomodation
- Climbing gear
- Professional guiding by Stefan Glowacz and one additional mountainguide
- Multi-Expedition-Camper rental incl. gas and full coverage

- Arrival and departure
- Excursions and entrance fees outside of the schedule
- Drinks and tips
- Personal expenses
- Travel insurance
- Visa fees

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