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In a camper with Stefan Glowacz on our way to climb in the Verdon Gorge

Stefan Glowacz, the Bavarian adventurer and professional rock climber, knows the entire world, and the Verdon Gorge in southern France has become especially dear to his heart. You can accompany him in an off-road camper van through the "Grand Canyon of Europe," climb the magical routes during the day, sit around a campfire in the evening and listen to Stefan's experiences from his 40 years of expeditions.


Stefan Glowacz

© Konstantin Reyer
I've been coming back to Verdon Gorge for 20 years. The sight of the steep cliffs always takes my breath away.
Stefan Glowacz



Your own van from the specialist MultiCamper
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Daily climbing tours with Stefan Glowacz
© Konstantin Reyer
Accompanied by local mountain guides
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Verdon Gorge

The Verdon Gorge, a 2-hour drive west of Nice, is 700 metres deep and is characterized by the quality of its limestone. It is an absolute hotspot for climbers, BASE jumpers and kayakers.

© Konstantin Reyer

MultiCamper Van

The vans by MultiCamper, a company specializing in camping needs, are comfortable and borderline luxurious yet small enough to camp wherever it is convenient and especially beautiful.


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Verdon Gorge

11. Sep 2020 - 20. Sep 2020


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