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Surfing or flying? Why not choose both!

Kitesurfing is pure exhilaration on the water – or a few meters above. Your best friend while riding the waves is the wind, which proves an absolutely reliable companion around the Brazilian fishing village of Cumbuco: a steady wind of 4 to 5 on the Beaufort scale rushes across the Atlantic from June to January. In the period from July to December, you can expect an almost 100% wind probability. You can also expect the charm of Brazilian joie de vivre 365 days a year. An athlete who combines this enthusiasm with perfect kite technique and outstanding athleticism is the triple freeride kitesurfing world champion Bruna Kajiya. She is your personal guide in the water sports paradise of Cumbuco and lets you in on one or two professional tricks to enable you to catapult your kitesurfing skills to a higher level. Your stay will be topped off with delicious Brazilian food, yoga sessions, fresh fruit drinks and an incomparable beach atmosphere. Turn autumn into summer! Soar above the ocean with Bruna Kajiyain November!

Always have fun on the water.
Bruna Kajiya

- Multilingual support & contact person
- Transfer during the schedule
- 4 nights at the Carmel Cumbuco Resort
- Full accommodation (Day 1: D; Day 2 - 4: B, L, D; Day 5: B)
- Bruna Kajiya as your coach!
- Rental equipment (if required)

Please note that due to the weather conditions, program items may be postponed or cancelled!*

- Arrival and departure
- Excursions and entrance fees outside of the schedule
- Drinks and tips
- Personal expenses
- Travel insurance
- Visa fees


Ready for takeoff? Enjoy the fascination of kitesurfing – with Cumbuco's optimal wind and water conditions.
Laid-back lagoons: We will show you the most beautiful places in the Cauipe Lagoon and the Tabuba Lagoon – a must for every kite surfer.
Kite Queen: Bruna Kajiya is known for her dynamic and at the same time elegant kitesurfing style. Favorite move: the Powered Back Mobe, a spectacular 360° rotation in the air.

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