Sailing in paradise
With Christian Schiester

September 22-28, 2019 date

Salomonen destination

€ 2.800,- p.P. Price

El Toro hotel

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Travel beyond the ordinary

7- day sailing adventure with Christian Schiester on the Solomon Islands.





Former professional ultrarunner Christian Schiester has become a circumnavigator. With his 18-metre-long ship named “El Toro”, he has been traveling the seas since 2016, finding the most beautiful spots on earth and exploring places that are only accessible by water. For the first time, it is now possible to accompany him for a week – on the paradisiacal Solomon Islands. Being the perfect host, Christian Schiester himself stands in the galley at night to prepare fresh food for his guests.



The Highlights

  • Seven-day sailing adventure on the Solomon Islands.

  • Discovery tours to hidden places.

  • Daily fresh meals prepared by Christian Schiester.

„On our sailing yacht El Toro, you will experience fantastic tropical islands through the eyes of a sailor. Land-bound tourists will be gazing out to sea longingly as we lay anchor in an idyllic bay.“

––– Christian Schiester

Data & Facts

September 22-28, 2019 date

Salomonen destination

7 days / 6 nights duration

El Toro hotel

4 Minimum number of participants

4 Maximum number of participants

18 Minimum age

€ 2.800,-

per person

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